Hans Adler Collection: Newspaper/Magazine Articles

 South African Panorama   -July 1958

Die Transvaler Afrikaans Daily Newspaper  -  January 28, 1965

Rand Daily Mail - March 6, 1965

South African Lantern Magazine - March 1966

       The Pretoria News  -  March 10, 1969

 The Johannesburg Star -  August 8, 1970

Natal Mercury, Natal   -  December 25, 1971

         Johannesburg Star   -   Nov 21, 1973

Sunday Times,  Johannesburg  -  June 1, 1975

Opus Magazine, South Africa  -  July 1972

Suid Afrikaanse Huisgenoot,  -  May 3, 1974

South African Panorama Magazine  -October 1975

South African Fairlady Magazine - Nov 8, 1978

See also Witwatersrand 1978 PhD recipient awards ceremony brochure, biography

Tributes and Recognition on Wits University PhD (Hon) award


University of Witwatersrand  Reporter Brochure on the Honorary PhD awards of 1978 and the Graduates 

Program of Events

Clipping from "The Star" and "Beeld" daily newspapers about the dedication of the Witwatersrand University Hans Adler Memorial Music Museum

Clipping from"Rand Daily Mail", November 17, 1978

Clipping from Natal Mercury, November 30, 1978

Hans Adler Memorial Museum Opening Ceremony at the Witwatersrand University, April 1980

The Johannesburg Musical Society's 80th Anniversary Program, giving a brief J.M.S. history, including special  Tributes to H.A. and Board Members

SABC Letter of Appreciation

JMS letter of Appreciation

The  Wits. University H.A Honorary PhD  Certificate