Soprano Johanna Nathan (Hans Adler's Mother) and 19th Century Composers

Johanna Nathan, 19th Century Soprano 
and Noted Composers

Autographed portrait  Tchaikovsky dedicated to young Soprano Johanna Nathan after hearing her perform one of his songs in Hamburg, 1880s

Autographed portrait of Brahms dedicated "with friendly greetings from Vienna via Meiningen and back to Frankfurt"

       Sample of Programs featuring Soprano                                  Johanna Nathan                                           

Soprano Johanna Nathan in "Julius Stockhausen: Der Saenger des deutschen Liedes, 1927" with Tutor, Julius Stockhausen


Johanna Nathan reference in Tchaikovsky Society Research

A  Meiningen Charity Concert Program  of 1903 featuring Johanna Nathan.   Of interest is the fact that she could no longer accept payment, as she was now married and the wife of a Prussian Civil Servant! 

Johanna Nathan sang a solo with a choir of Stockhausen pupils at the funeral service for Clara Schumann in Frankfurt.                                  (Frau Schumann was buried in Bonn)

Short summary of  the life of Johanna Nathan

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