Andor Foldes (American Pianist writes on 1953 African Tour

Article by Andor Foldes, noted American Pianist on his South African concert tour, in Etude(USA) Magazine December, 1953

Rand Daily Mail (Johannesburg Newspaper) clipping, May 18, 1953

Hans Adler and the Johannesburg Musical Society engaged Mr Foldes and arranged the Africa Circuit, a Tour engaged in by  most of his itinerant Musicians

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  1. Hey, I like your post. His enthusiasm for traditional music developed as he developed, and bolstered his yearning to offer South African music sweethearts the most elevated nature of global show presence.[3] He was Chairman of the Johannesburg Music Society (South Africa's most established Musical Society, an enlisted non-benefit association) from 1954 through till 1969, when he got to be privileged administrator. The Society was among the first to welcome numerous global craftsmen and gatherings to perform in South Africa, and immediately extended.